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Enhance your food processing endeavors in Western Canada with Horizon Industrial’s customized solutions, guaranteeing adherence to standards, streamlined processes, and superior quality across operations.

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Who We Are

Expertise in Food Processing Operations

Horizon Industrial specializes in enhancing the operations of food processing and agricultural businesses. Our solutions focus on improving safety, efficiency, and product quality while adhering to strict industry regulations.

Challenges in Food Processing & Agriculture

Addressing Critical Industry Pain Points

Obstacles faced in food processing and agriculture, highlighting key issues and areas needing attention for improved efficiency and productivity.

Seasonal Demand Fluctuations

Managing the variability in production volumes due to seasonal peaks and troughs presents significant operational challenges.

Evolving Consumer Preferences

Adapting to rapidly changing consumer tastes and expectations requires flexible and innovative processing solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying compliant with frequently changing health, safety, and environmental regulations is crucial for maintaining operations and avoiding penalties.

Equipment Efficiency and Reliability

Outdated or inefficient equipment can lead to production bottlenecks and increased downtime.

Quality Control

Ensuring consistent product quality in terms of taste, texture, and appearance is essential for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Labor Shortages

The industry often faces challenges in attracting and retaining skilled labor, impacting productivity and operational efficiency.

Cost Pressures

Inflation and rising costs in materials, labor, and real estate are continuously impacting profit margins.

Environmental Sustainability

Increasing pressure to meet environmental standards and implement sustainable practices across operations.

Elevate Your Food Processing Operations

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Our Tailored Solutions for Food Processing Needs

Innovative, Efficient, Compliant

Customized solutions designed to address specific needs and challenges encountered in retail and third-party logistics (3PL) operations.

Advanced Processing Technologies

We provide cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance efficiency and adaptability in food processing lines.

Regulatory Compliance Expertise

Our team ensures your operations meet all health and safety standards, helping you navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Equipment Upgrades and Maintenance

We offer modernization of processing equipment to improve reliability and reduce downtime, ensuring continuous production capabilities.

Quality Control Systems

Implementing sophisticated quality control systems that monitor and ensure product consistency to meet consumer expectations.

Workforce Training and Development

Providing training programs to address labor shortages and improve skill levels among existing staff.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Introducing cost management practices to handle rising expenses effectively without compromising quality or compliance.

Sustainable Practices Implementation

Assisting in the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and practices to meet sustainability goals.

Delivering Industry-Leading Solutions

Consultative, Comprehensive, Custom

Needs Assessment

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your specific challenges and requirements to tailor our solutions effectively.

Solution Design and Implementation

Leveraging the latest in technology and innovation, we design and implement systems that enhance your operational efficiency and product quality.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Horizon provides continuous monitoring and support, ensuring that your operations adapt to market changes and evolving industry standards.

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