The Importance of Lubricating Machinery

Machinery of all shapes and sizes represent a modern feat of engineering. No matter what they do, machines are quite simply made up of many smaller systems functioning together to perform a larger task. Take any machine apart and you’ll see that inside of the larger shell, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of smaller components at work, creating a larger effect than they could by themselves. When it comes to the care and maintenance of your machine overall, it’s these smaller pieces that require the most attention and care, as they’re the ones doing all of the work.

Because machinery is comprised of many smaller, moving systems, it’s important that these systems have the freedom to move without resistance or wear. Think about a car, for example: the wheels don’t touch the rest of your car, allowing them to spin freely, with only the axel connecting them to the rest of the vehicle. Machinery in Calgary, AB operates the same way in that moving pieces need to be able to move without rubbing up on other items. Even mechanics that touch other pieces, like gears turning one another, still need to do so smoothly so that they don’t become jammed or pinched.

The easiest way to make sure that all moving pieces are doing so seamlessly is to lubricate them. Lubrication reduces friction and in turn, keeps the wear and tear of moving pieces low. What’s more, lubrication is easy to maintain, as it usually requires smearing a jelly or paste at the touching point of the system to ease movement along with minimal friction.

So what happens when you don’t take the time to lubricate the moving parts of your machine? Inevitably, pieces that undergo a lot of friction will begin to break down from the constant wear and tear. This could degrade a single component of the system, or worse, break the machine down overall. If one piece begins to strain, it’s likely going to put strain on other pieces of the system as well. What starts as a small problem can evolve into a chain reaction of difficulties if not remedied right away.

Be sure to lubricate your machines on a regular basis or as needed. If you can’t reach the vital components of your machine or aren’t sure where the lubrication needs to be applied, consider calling experts like the ones at Horizon Industrial Services Ltd. in Calgary, AB for consultation of the importance of lubrication. Trained professionals will immediately be able to identify if and when lubrication needs to be applied, as well as where it will do the most good for the health of your system. In the end, this will prove to be invaluable and will keep your system running in tip top shape.


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