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Horizon Industrial offers expert industrial pump services, ensuring your equipment operates efficiently and reliably, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Despite there being so many pump types out there, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are the most common, often used in most industrial applications. Positive displacement pumps include rotary, piston, screw and diaphragm pumps whereas centrifugal pumps include turbine, slurry, and axial flow pumps. All these pumps deliver exceptional reliability as well as performance in the most demanding operating environments.

Industrial facilities may require different professional pump services to maintain their pumps as well as to ensure longer working life of these mechanical devices.

Horizon Industrial is a reliable Calgary millwright company that specializes in a broad range of industrial pumps, ranging from rotary and submersible pumps to twin-screw pumps and so on. Our industrial pump service technicians provide a wide range of services on a variety of industrial pumps in Western Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia).

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Horizon industrial is committed to keeping your heavy-duty machinery and equipment running smoothly so you can optimize efficiency and productivity while avoiding costly downtime.

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Industrial Pump Repair

If your industrial operations depend largely on pumps, then the consequences of a pump failure can be devastating to your business. No matter how minor a problem might seem, you should see to it that it is inspected immediately by a professional certified millwright. This is because even the slightest technical issue could result in a breakdown, leading to an unscheduled shutdown of operations. The shutdown could cause a substantial decline in your revenue stream.

Industrial Pump Installation

Industrial facilities depend hugely on the operation of industrial pumps. Unfortunately, installing these mechanical devices is no walk in the park; even the slightest installation error could result in a costly mess. This is why the task should only be undertaken by a Calgary millwright company such as Horizon Industrial for correct and complete setup. This can mean the difference between a pump that provides many years of trouble-free service as well as one that needs unnecessary maintenance which can be very costly.

Industrial Pump Maintenance

Even though industrial pumps have a one-time cost to buy and install, the cost to operate them surpasses thousands of dollars each per year. This includes operating costs, providing energy for the life of the device, and preventative maintenance to keep it operating in optimal condition. Many individuals are in a constant endeavor to reduce costs as well as enhance the output of their industrial pump systems. Enhancing pump reliability is a very reasonable approach for achieving these goals. This can be accomplished through routine maintenance.

While it might seem like a huge expense, the rewards for undertaking preventive maintenance are great. Involving Horizon Industrial in your routine maintenance strategy will eliminate unscheduled downtime and reduce operating costs as well as the possibility of injury.

We Work With A Variety Of Industrial Pumps

Our work revolves around an extensive range of industrial pumps ranging from rotary as well as reciprocating to submersible and axial pumps. Horizon Industrial is committed to keeping your heavy-duty machinery and equipment running smoothly so you can optimize efficiency and productivity while avoiding costly downtime.

We install, repair and maintain industrial machinery and equipment on the job site and in our shop. Horizon Industrial provides millwright services from qualified and experienced professionals to ensure that the job is done right. Our professionals will skillfully inspect and examine the equipment to detect and find irregularities or malfunctions.

Once they determine the source of the problem, they will take corrective action as appropriate. This will ensure your machines run as they should. We offer high-quality pump installation, repair and maintenance services at the most competitive prices in the entire region. Do not just take our word for it; try us today to see for yourself.