How Regular Calgary Industrial Work Can Actually Save You Money

Companies that operate in a factory setting or rely heavily on the automated processes of machinery to expedite their labor process can’t afford to have something go wrong, especially when it debilitates or compromises the production system as a whole. For every minute that your machine is down, income begins to be deducted from the company cash flow: a situation that sends up red flags and has everyone scrambling for a solution that will get the work flow up and running again. But what if this type of situation could be avoided altogether?

Having a specialist or certified contractor perform routine maintenance and Calgary industrial work on your vital machines is a proactive approach to ensuring that nothing falls below par on your equipment and that the components of your business that are working hard every day continue to do the important jobs that they do. In many ways, these simple checks at regular intervals can also increase the life of your machinery as well, stretching their value and prolonging your ability to operate flawlessly each and every day.

Still, even with the positives that can come from having Calgary industrial work done on a regular basis, many companies are still hesitant to keep an experienced contractor on call. Why is this? The most common answer we hear has to do with unnecessary expenditure, or so they may believe it to be. The harsh reality is that many operators believe that if the equipment they’re using works just fine, that there’s no reason to take time out of the day to thoroughly inspect and examine it. This idea couldn’t be more incorrect!

The “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken,” mentality is what often leads to break downs, panic and the eventual high costs of having the machine in question repaired or worse, replaced entirely. What a company could have spent on bi-annual or annual Calgary industrial work is then multiplied tenfold to cover the costs of major repair. To add insult to injury, in many cases the company being called to fix the major malfunction is generally the same company who could have helped to prevent it, like Horizon Industrial Services Ltd.! Many times, the irony is not lost on business owners and operators.

When a contractor is given access to machinery on a semi-regular basis, they’re able to do a few things in the way of preventative maintenance. For example, if during an inspection, a contractor notices that several of the gears within a specific machine have begun to grind in an unhealthy way, they might recommend some minor Calgary industrial work be done on that machine to replace the gears and correct the problem—a task that can likely be performed in less than a day’s time. Let that problem go for weeks, months or even years and it’s going to effect the integrity of the entire machine.

Don’t let a self-fulfilling prophecy ruin the hard work and dedication of your company: seek the expert skills and professional outlook of a contractor at Horizon Industrial Services Ltd. to examine your machinery today!


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