The Duties of a Calgary Millwright

Unless you’re at home in a factory setting, surrounded by large pieces of machinery and the constant motion of gears, gaskets and cylinders, chances are you’re not going to understand every nuance of what makes a production line tick. Even people who work daily in factories and machine shops may not have a grip on the different components of each machine, which is why the job of a millwright exists.

Millwrights are trained to understand the ins and outs of machinery, allowing them to comprehend just about every aspect of what it does, how it works and how to service and install it, making them the foremost experts in all things having to do with industrial machinery. Here are just a few of the duties of a Calgary millwright:

Machine Installation: If you’ve ever purchased a model car or model airplane, you’ll know that it comes with an instruction booklet that’s quite extensive. Every piece must be positioned just right and each component must be fastened securely in order for the model to function correctly. This is essentially the same idea that a Calgary millwright deals with when it comes to large-scale machinery, only the instruction booklet is far longer and the knowledge to set up the machine comes from years of schooling and on-the-job training. Instead of allowing just anyone to put together and install an expensive piece of machinery, many companies will enlist a millwright to help them get the job done right. This saves time, effort and the possibility of damaging a machine that’s crucial to a company’s operations.

Conduct Testing: Once a machine is put together and ready to run, a millwright will often be in charge of the testing process. Depending on the machine, this could mean a test production run, testing of individual parts and pieces or testing based on calibration. Testing is vital to a machine because without it, defective products or hazardous operations could be produced as a result of improper installation. A Calgary millwright will inspect machines for operation issues during a test run of its abilities and either give the go ahead for the machine to be used or call for operations to be stopped in order to fix a problem.

Fixing Issues: Because a millwright is in charge of installation and testing of machinery, it only makes sense that when a problem arises, this person will also be the one to service a machine. Calgary millwrights are generally called in when a machine begins to exhibit issues that signal the need for service and a millwright will observe, examine and repair a problem better than most general contractors would be able to. Because they have an in-depth amount of knowledge on large-scale machinery, millwrights are often the best choice for repairing them quickly and effectively.

Millwrights are among the most trained professionals in the world of large-scale machinery and having one install, test and service your machinery could be the difference between having a seamless factory and one that’s plagued with constant problems. Trusting in a certified millwright is a great idea when it comes to any machinery and you’ll see the difference in operation when you call us for your next servicing!


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