Ensuring That Your Calgary Industrial Contractor Is Credible

Companies that are in need of contract work or special projects that require a niche contractor are bound to ask a ton of questions about the person they’re about to employ. Generally, this is standard practice and is meant to determine if the person is competent, qualified and focused. But are companies asking the right questions when looking for a Calgary industrial contractor? And, what are the answers that they should be getting from people?

Here are some of the best questions to ask a Calgary industrial contractor and the answers that you should be receiving:

Are You Certified?

This should be near the top of the list for importance when it comes to interviewing a potential contractor to work for your factory. Knowing a person’s qualifications will say a lot about them, as well as the company that they work for. If they have a list of credible qualifications, versus none at all, it’s usually a good indicator that a person is more versed in the proper aspects of a specific job. For example, if you were to ask a Calgary industrial contractor at Horizon Industrial Services Ltd. what their qualifications were, they would immediately be able to tell you that they are a journeyman certified millwright and/or welder.

In short, the answer that you receive after asking this question should be one that exhibits someone’s strengths, rather than show their lack of qualification.

What is Your Scope of Work?

Determining a contractor’s scope of work is very important because it could result in your spending less money to get a more complete job done. As an example, if you’re looking for a contractor to do some custom welding, as well as laser alignment, it would make more sense to find a contractor of firm that offers both of these services, rather than two separate entities to get the job done. Also, a Calgary industrial contractor that shows a large scope of work generally has more experience and proficiency when it comes to getting these jobs done. Experience generally equates to knowledge, so having a wide basis generally means that you’re dealing with a more qualified contractor.

After asking this question, you should be looking to hear a response that encompasses a couple of specialized jobs: the more the better!

What Type of Past Work Have You Done?

Knowing the work history of a contractor or contracting service when it comes to repairing your machinery will give you an idea of what type of results to expect should you hire them. For example, if a past work history includes recalibrating the same type of machinery that you currently need repaired, then you can expect that the job will go quicker and more seamlessly, as opposed to dealing with a contractor who will be looking at your machinery with fresh eyes.

When asking about work, be prepared for concise and extensive answers regarding work history that pertains to similar needs that you have. Remember, it’s great to have a long list of jobs, but if they aren’t diverse or similar to your needs, they’re probably not much help.


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